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Find Me Keep Me

Four postcards to be ‘prescribed’ for the Find Me Keep Me event in Peterborough.

Rialto Pamphlet Series

A series of covers for The Rialto Bridge Pamphlets; The Hitcher by Hannah Lowe, The Hungry Ghost Festival by Jen Campbell, The Pair Of Scissors That Could Cut Anything by Luke Samuel Yates and What I Saw by Laura Scott. The first three pamphlets can all be bought here, and Laura Scott’s can be bought here.

Brand Perfect

Infographic to illustrate key points from Adventures in Retail: The Other Line’s Moving Faster – a research report on the changing relationship between consumers and traditional retailers published by Brand Perfect. You can read the full report on the Brand Perfect website here, or view the infographic in full here.

Whistle & Flute

London landmark illustrations and suit diagrams for Ted Baker‘s Whistle & Flute plush suit book.

Makedo / Find&Make kits

Makedo is basically genius, and so to be asked for the second time to design some stickers to go in their Find&Make kits is basically a dream come true for a big kid who loves cardboard like me. They had to be fun & recognisable, but flexible enough for the user to be able to be a bit imaginative with the placement as well.

This time around it was in collaboration with the London Transport Museum, and so your tumble-dryer box can become a bus or a tube train. The new sets can be bought at the London Transport Museum shop here and here.

30×30 / Issue One

30×30 is a series of limited editions. There are 30 copies of each edition, and each one costs £30 shipped anywhere in the world. Once they’re gone, they’re gone.

Issue One is a set of nine hand-painted hardwood ‘building’ blocks. Includes reversible drawstring bag in tower block print fabric, and three road print postcards. To buy, visit the 30×30 site. (now sold out – Issue Two coming soon)

People Reading

Some characters drawn for The Rialto to promote reading.

Fox Davies

Two panoramic detailed cityscapes of London and Toronto for Fox Davies’ website, commissioned by Headland.


Citytunneln, Malmö

I’m not sure there’s anything more exciting than being asked to illustrate a giant underground railway system, but that’s what Karin at mermermer did, and it was just as exciting as I expected. The Citytunneln in Malmö has various artworks in the stations that the book documents, and the map is the slightly fanciful endpapers to that book.

Urban Soundscapes

CD cover for Gerry Cott’s Urban Soundscapes, designed by Paul Andrews. The album’s tracks are each based on a different city or part of the world, so the illustration incorporates everything from rural Ireland to the heights of Tokyo in a single megacity.

HP Artists Wallpapers

I was proper delighted to be asked to design a set of desktop wallpapers for HP to be shipped with their 2010 range of laptops, and was even more delighted when I discovered I was in esteemed company with three other great illustrators: Alex Eben MeyerJulie West and Amy Ruppel.

The wallpapers are still out there, being shipped with new notebooks. They’re also available for download here if you fancy any of them adorning your screen.